RED SHIELD Multipurpose Auto Trunk Organizer for Car, SUV, or Minivan - [Black] 22.4 inches X 7.08 inches

  • $ 32.99
  • Save $ 7

  • MESSY TRUNK? Worry no more! With this trunk organizer, you can block off the weird angles on the sides your trunk to create shelves.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Spilled something on the trunk organizer? Simply unattach the velcro, then use mild soap and water to wipe away the mess. Dry then simply reattach.
  • MATERIAL & DESIGN. The open design is simple to use, and applicable to all carpet lined trunks. Attach, and store. The trunk organizer is made with polyurethane, a waterproof material.
  • SIMPLE & EASY. The trunk organizer is very easy to attach and detach. There is velcro on the sides and the bottom to hold onto its place.
  • ELASTIC STRAP. Don't you hate it when there are loose items rolling around in the trunk? There is an elastic strap that will secure multiple items that are prone to falling. The strap is perfect for car washing products and allows for convenient access and storage.