RED SHIELD Universal Screen Protector 13" for Tablet, Smartphone, Smartwatch, Gaming Device, and GPS. High Definition Crystal Clear Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint Film. Easy to Cut with Guidelines.

  • $ 5.99
  • Save $ 4

  • High Definition crystal clear film provides the best display resolution and pixels per inch (ppi). It does not affect the touch performance of your device at all, due to its ultra-thinness. This film features anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint feature to help you use your device at maximum performance.
  • Protect your high value investment! When you spend a lot of money on your device, you’ll want to protect it as much as possible. This will just do that. It will help protect your screen from wear and tear, as well as scratches. As always, protection is number one in keeping your device last a long time.
  • Universal screen protector is compatible with most screen sizes of up to 13 inches. Try it on your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, gaming device, GPS, or even your vehicle’s touch screen radio. You can use the film anywhere as long as it fits.
  • Guideline grid on the peelable sticker number one makes it easy to cut to fit on your desired device. It is very easy to install, as well as remove. It does not leave any residue when you decide to remove the protector film.
  • The dimension of this film is 10.4 x 7.7 inches and 0.1 inch in thickness. It can support display sizes of up to 13 inches diagonally to help with maximum screen coverage. Due to the material of the HD film, it will provide the best display resolution.