Eutuxia 6-in-1 Multitool Twist Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Ruler (In. & Cm.), Spirit Level, Touch Screen Stylus, Phillips & Flat Head Screwdriver. Mini Multifunction Tech Tool Kit. [Black 10PK]

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Eutuxia's 6-in-1 ballpoint pen will definitely come in handy in any situations. Multifunction pen includes: Pen, Ruler, Spirit Level, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Head Screwdriver, and Stylus. Enjoy a mini tech tool pen anywhere and anytime.
Pen is a twist retractable ballpoint black ink pen that helps you write smoothly without any interruption. Ruler can measure up to in 3 inches / 7 centimeters. ? Spirit Level or Bubble Level will help indicate whether a surface is horizontal or vertical for those perfect angles.
Phillips Screwdriver and Flat Head Screwdriver can be unrevealed by uncapping the stylus. The multifunction pen has a built-in magnetic feature that will hold the screwdriver bits in place while you screw or unscrew. Stylus is compatible with all touch screen devices whether it be your smartphone or tablet. The stylus is a nice addition to your touch screen devices with its touch accuracy when you want to draw or just casual web surfing.
The multifunction pen is made of premium aluminum material that is high quality and durable for a long lasting usage. With its small size, it will be a nice addition to your backpack, bag, or even in your office.
The pen is about 6 inches long, but the aluminum material helps make it lightweight and will not interrupt or will not make your hands feel tired after writing for awhile. Grab this tech multitool and use it for multiple occasions.