Neomed Fine Dust Anti-Pollution Mask, Compatible with N95, 5 Layer Adjustable Washable Mesh Respirator Face Mask for Fine Dust Particles, For City Cycling Jogging Allergies Pollen & More, White

  • $ 35.99

Because the Neo Fine Dust Mask is made of a neo-mesh which is well circulated and washable, as well as a scientifically designed exhaust valve, this stretchy mask will conform easily and comfortably around facial features, creating a solid seal that prevents even the most microscopic particles from inhalation.



  • Replaceable Quintuple (5-layered) air filter: Quintuple (5-layered) air filter is composed of harmless, non-toxic and odorless Spunbond PP, Activated Carbon Filter to remove odor and clean the air, Yellow Clay filter for antibiosis and insect-proof, Meltb
  • Scientifically Designed Exhaust Valve: Exhaust net inside the valve is to block inflow fine dust from the outside and make a comfortable environment as well as it prevents glasses from fogging up by discharging moisture or warm air that occurs while breat
  • Adjusting Plate for Head Band: The Neo Fine Dust Mask is equipped with an adjusting plate for head band, which is designed to be close to the face and be adjusted easily.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to make it easy to talk and breathe while wearing the mask. Because of it's dome-shaped design, your lips don't make contact with mask, and prevent it from slipping down due to a great fit.
  • What's in the box: 1 complete mask, 2 pieces of replaceable filters, & 1 set of ear bands.