Eutuxia Tweezers and Ear Pick Bundle with Built-in LED Light. Illuminate Dark Areas with Bright Lighting for Better Accuracy and Precision. Clean, Trim, Pluck, and Remove. Batteries Included.

  • $ 11.99
  • Save $ 11

  • BUNDLE: Eutuxia's tweezers and ear pick bundle are must have items in your home, pouch, or bag. Keep these essential items for when you need to trim or clean.
  • BUILT-IN LED: The tweezers and ear pick has built-in LED light. Illuminate the hard to see dark areas with the built-in LED lights. Bright lighting will help you with better accuracy and precision.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: It comes with three LR41 batteries, the batteries that are used for watches. Though the batteries will last a long time, it is easy to replace once that time comes.
  • CLEAN & HEALTHY: Stay clean and healthy! Trim and pluck unwanted hairs to make you look more neat and organized. Pick the earwax to avoid experiencing earwax cloggage or other symptoms.
  • START SAVING: Buy the bundle and save today! The tweezers and ear pick with built-in LED lighting is definitely a plus from the traditional ones. More accuracy and precision with bright lighting.