Eutuxia Ear Pick with LED Light. Earpick Earwax Cleaning & Removal Tool, Curette. Comes with 3 Sizes: Basic, Small, and Tweezers. Store Extra Extensions in the Rear. Better Accuracy & Precision.

  • $ 6.99
  • Save $ 6

  • ACCURACY: Do you feel uncomfortable picking earwax for your children or a family member because it's hard to see? We have a solution for you! Illuminate the hard to see dark areas with the built-in LED lights. Bright lighting will help you with better accuracy and precision.
  • EXTENSIONS: It comes with 3 interchangeable transparent extensions. Basic size, small size, and tweezers. For adults, basic size will work. Small size would be best for kids and children. The extra extensions that are not being used can be stored in the back of the ear pick tool for convenient storage. Simply slide the switch to turn ON/OFF the LED lights.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: It comes with three LR41 batteries, the batteries that are used for watches. Though the batteries will last a long time, it is easy to replace once that time comes. Simply unscrew the top and pull out the backing, then open up the ear pick. Simply replace the three LR41 batteries that you see.
  • CLEAN & HEALTHY: Stay clean and healthy. Earwax can clog up your ears and you may experience few symptoms. Please be cautious when picking earwax as it can hurt if done in a wrong way.
  • ??ONE HAND SIZE: The main part is 3.5 inches long and the extensions are about 1.5 inches long. It's small and compact to be carried around anywhere and use it anytime. You can even save by buying the two pack!