Eutuxia Shower Foot Scrubber Massager Cleaner and Acupressure Mat with Suction Cups & Soft Firm Bristles for Shower Floors & Bathtubs. Exfoliate, Improve Foot Circulation & Reduce Foot Pain. Hangable.

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  • FOOT MASSAGER & CLEANER: Massage and clean your feet at the same time after a long day. It will help you feel relaxed while it exfoliates your feet with its unique brush-like bristles that are very flexible. The foot scrubber will provide a thorough cleaning of your feet and toes while giving your tired and achy feet the massage it deserves.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: It's not only sanitary, but it's also a good health / hygienic practice. Foot scrubber improves the blood flow and circulation while you move your feet back and forth. Feel clean while improving your blood circulation and relieving fatigue, which leads to a healthier you and overall well-being.
  • SAY BYE TO ATHLETE'S FOOT: You can prevent / get rid of athelete's foot with this foot scrubber. It is recommended that you wash your feet at least once daily with this scrubber to avoid building up of fungus in your feet as they love dirty and damp places. Exfoliating the dead skin cells also helps with healthier feet and prevent diseases. It's also great for those with bad back or knees as you don't have to bend over while you wash your feet!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made from a premium PVC material that is eco-friendly, the foot scrubber is durable for long lasting usage. After each session, it is recommended to rinse the pad and hang it with the loop on top to let it air dry. The floor of the scrubber has 128 mini suction cups to prevent accidental slips while you clean your feet.
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS PAIN RELIEF: Studies show that foot massage helps significantly reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Relieve your pain while giving your feet the cleanliness it deserves. The scrubbing mat can be easily air dried after each use with its hanging loop. Start washing your feet daily and keep off the fungus and germs while massaging your tired feet from a long day.