Eutuxia Windshield Snow Cover – Ice Sun Frost Water and Wind Proof, All Weather Cover with Magnets for Cars, Trucks, SUV, Vans

  • $ 24.99

Dual sided windshield cover protects windshield from water, wind, UV rays, and most importantly, snow and frost build-up. Without this cover during snowy seasons, mornings are more difficult and requires you to defrost your windshield or scrap off residual frost from the glass.


  • DIMENSIONS AND FIT: 82”L x 48”W x 57.5”H inches, fits most cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s. This windshield cover canvases the entire front wind shield of most vehicles protecting them from unwanted debris falling on the glass. Measure your vehicle’s windshield size before purchasing to ensure proper fitment
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR ALL WEATHER USE: This dual-sided windshield cover is windproof, waterproof, provides UV protection and keeps snow off the windshield making it ideal for everyday outdoor use. No matter what the weather is, this cover will protect your windshield all year round
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS: There are magnets located on the outer edges of the cover that helps to keep it in place even in the strongest of winds. Thick fabric surrounding the magnet protects the surface of your car paint from getting scratched or scuffed by the magnets. Use without worry!
  • EXTRA-LONG FLAPS FOR SECURITY: Extra-long side panels wrap inside closed car doors to secure the windshield cover in place. These flaps are not used just for keeping the cover in place but also to prevent and deter thieves from stealing the cover off your vehicle
  • EASY TO USE AND INSTALL: No tools required! Simply place cover over the car’s windshield, wrap long side panels inside closed front doors, and adjust magnets to appropriate locations