Eutuxia 2020 Premium Bath Kneeler & Elbow Rest Pad Set. Non-Slip Knee Pad, Suction Cup Grips, Mesh Organizers, Washable Thick Protective Arm & Knee Supportive Foam for Infant, Baby, Toddler & Pet.

  • $ 36.99

Meet Eutuxia Premium Bath Kneeler & Elbow Rest Pad Set! We designed our bath kneeler with style and functionality in mind. We choose high-quality materials that are durable, waterproof, detachable, stylish, easily cleaned and functional. Using a great rubberized bottom, you’ll stay firmly in place without skidding or slipping accidentally for optimal security. With convenient storage pouches store bath accessories like soap and shampoos. This is waterproof so it cleans easily and doesn’t become moldy or smell. Soft and padded it includes soft thick foam on the inside and neoprene on the outside. This non-slip knee pad is a new friend for you and your family. Use it for baby baths, bathing your toddler, washing the family dog, or any bath time activity! Makes kid’s bath time easy, fun, and comfortable! Enjoy a pain-free experience so you can focus on having fun with your bundle of Joy!

  • COMFORT FOR KNEES AND ELBOW: Giving your child a bath is a special time between you and your kids. More often than not, however, parents experience pain or discomfort sitting and kneeling on the floor for long periods of time. Our rest pad is equipped with 1.5” foam padding that provides comfort protecting arms and knees from hard bathroom floors and tub ledges
  • MESH POCKETS: Two large pockets allow you to store baby toys, shampoos, conditioners and more for quick and convenient access without have to reach across the tub for these necessities. Everything you need is within arm’s reach making bath time more relaxing and stress-free
  • NON-SLIP FUNCTIONS FOR SAFETY: Non-slip functions are extremely important when it comes to working around slippery surfaces. Four extra-strength suction cups and non-slip rubberize bottom panel holds the rest pad firmly in place on the floor and tub walls
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT STORAGE: When not in use, the elbow and forearm pad can stay hung on the bathtub ledge. Strips of hook and loop tape on the elbow pad gives the option of mounting the knee pad on as well. Rest pad can be hung using the handle or stored away using the convenient zipper storage bag
  • MATERIALS AND DIMENSIONS: Universal rest pad is made with machine washable, water-friendly neoprene material that covers the quick-drying foam pads. Elbow pad measures 22” x 17”, kneeling pad measures 22” x 11”