RED SHIELD Universal Battery Tester, Checker. Accurate, Portable. Check and Test Multiple Sizes. Adjustable Slider Accommodates Batteries. Easily Check Your Remaining Battery Level with Gauge Display.

  • $ 6.99
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  • TOSS THE OLD: Do you have a lot of batteries rolling around in your car, home, or even office? Worry no more! This battery tester will help you determine which batteries are good to toss in the trash. You no longer need to have a drawer full of batteries that are not usable.
  • CHECK UNIVERSALLY: Universal is what makes this product convenient and useful. Our battery tester can test multiple sizes of batteries in one unit. It can check for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and 1.5V button cell batteries. It will also work with rechargeable batteries. The adjustable slider accommodates the battery to make it compatible with most batteries as long as it fits within the adjustable slider.
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED: This device requires no additional batteries to operate. It generates power from the battery being checked. Please keep your test times as short as possible to avoid unnecessary battery drain.
  • COLORED GUAGES: Gauge is easy to understand and it will help you easily determine whether to throw away the battery or not. When it’s in the RED zone, you can simply toss the battery. When it’s YELLOW, the battery juice is low. When it’s GREEN, the battery is good to keep.
  • SMALL SIZE: Device is small and compact. It is lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere. Check your battery life anywhere, anytime. Throw away those useless batteries!