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7100R Case, [White] Soft & Flexible Reinforced Silicone Skin Cover for Blackberry 7100R (2004)

$ 9.78

Retail Packaged, great for nice gift wrapping Stylish custom case for Black Berry 7100R Custom made with a unique design to protect your phone No tools are required for insertion, simply slip it on Material: Rubberized Lifestyle case Color/Style:nbsp; WhiteThis case was made to fit your phone only, and will allow access to all buttons and functions.

  • Reinforced silicone material is more durable than standard silicone, while still providing the softness and flexibility.
  • High quality, slim fit case molds to fit your phone without covering important buttons and ports.
  • Flexible nature conforms to your phone but doesn't stretch out or lose its shape.
  • Extra grip and traction to surface: fits easily in your hands and gives your phone anti-slip protection!
  • Vibrant White color enhances the look of your phone without making it bulky and burdensome.