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How to enjoy your KBBQ~!
Your favorite meat-Pork Belly, Sliced beef ribs, marinated beef ribs
1 lb. per person  is an easy way to calculate!  
And that’s all you’ll need but here’s some extra stuff for you to make it tasty!
Dipping sauce: 
1-2 table spoons of sesame oil
1 teaspoon (or little less) salt (we like sea salt) and a sprinkle of pepper
Vegetable recommendations:
Garlic if you’re extra (sliced or whole)
Bell peppers
Sweet potato or whatever potato that’s in your fridge, sliced to a ¼ inch
Side salad:  (If you’re allergic to fish sauce as it contains seafood essence, please skip for other dressing recipes)
Sliced green onions (place regular green onions and cut vertically to thin slices)
Red leaf lettuce (washed, cut to 1 inch leafs)
Cilantro if you like!
Corn Sides:
Drain 1 can of regular corn
Add mozzarella 
(If you want to go the extra mile, mix your corn with 2 tablespoons of mayo)
1 part fish sauce/1 part vinegar/1 part granulated sugar
1 table spoon of sesame oil,  1 table spoon of red hot pepper, sprinkle of regular black pepper
Mix the sauce in a bottle or bowl, but make sure to let the sugar dissolve! 
For those that do not enjoy fish sauce dressing, you can make a sweeter version by substituting the fish sauce for olive oil, add equal parts olive oil and sesame oil-you can also use for sweet sesame oil chicken salad!)
Start your BBQ!
Place your grill over a burner (make sure to have a cup under the hole for the oil to drain)
Start your fire!
Make sure the grill is hot before placing your choice of meat!
Place your meat along with your veggies, enjoy when the meat is nice and brown.
Enjoy with your salad. You can wrap with radish slices (sold at most Asian markets) along with your green onion and garlic.


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